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It’s Alive! Kefirade is truly that... Alive! Hand-crafted and fermented with organic, cold-extracted ingredients, this health drink is a fizzy, cultured, enzyme-rich probiotic loaded with friendly microbes and nutrients to help balance your inner ecosystem.

Our living kefir crystals are known to contain more than 30 strains of beneficial bacteria and health promoting yeasts. These friendly organisms digest (remove) sugars turning them into powerful probiotics and creating Kefirade’s natural carbonation.

Go back to your roots with Kefirade, the natural superdrink of the future!

Kefirade, you say?... Tell me more!

Fizz good! Actually, the Turkish translation of kefir is “feels good”. We couldn’t agree more!


Kefirade Has Ancient Roots

Also known as kefir water, tibicos, tibi, water kefir, Japanese water crystals and California bees, the water based kefir beverage is ancient, dating back over 2000 years. Evidence of its existence has been found in many cultures and writings including old alchemist, Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec texts.


Kefirade is Healthy

A variety of tiny, living microbes work synergistically with your major systems – digestive, immune, and energy – keeping your meridians in line.


Kefirade is a Living Food

Made with live kefir crystals and organic, cold-extracted ingredients this potent ferment packs powerful probiotics and health benefits.


Kefirade is Delicious

Naturally carbonated, with minimal sugar remaining after the fermentation process, Kefirade delivers all the flavour and nutrients of its raw, cold extracted ingredients with minimal calories (only 12 cals/177 ml serving).


Kefirade Contains Good Stuff

Kefirade is loaded with numerous strains of probiotics, beneficial yeasts and organic enzymes, as well as all of the health benefits of it’s cold extracted fruit/herb ingredients.


Kefirade is Non-Dairy

Kefirade is 100% non-dairy and vegan.

As a Health Professional and Mom, I’m passionate about making and sharing Kefirade, so that you too can experience the healthful benefits of this living food. Micro-brewed in small batches, every bottle of this raw, nourishing drink represents a true labour of LOVE!

From my small-white-heart to yours,


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